Quantum Private Investigation - Training & Security

About Us :

Quantum Private Investigation – Training & Security (QPITS) is a leading team of specially trained private investigators that are experienced, reliable and committed to providing a sterling private investigation service such as Fingerprint, Background Checks, Relationship Investigation, Asset Search, Insurance Claim and Insured Slip & Fall Investigation. Our staff operate in United States, Jamaica and Cayman Islands and have decades of experience working in the private investigator sector.

Every single one of our private investigators is meticulous, thoughtful and professional at all times – from initial contact through to management and strategy implementation. We are confident that our staff members can carry out each operation with maximum discretion and attention to the finest details.

Our Specialties :


For all applications, employment & Licenses. We got your prints

Background Checks

Before you hire an individual for emplyment check history and background

Relationship Investigation

When doing surveillaince being discreet is paramont in mobile & static surveillince for photograpic , videography evidence

Asset Search

Lets find the hidden assets, bank accounts, real estate and stocks

Insurance Claim

Stolen motor vehicle arson, car accidents and reconstruction

Insured Slip & EMI Investigation

Risk management, insured on the job investigation

Do you need to find someone, conduct a background check or think your partner might be cheating? Quantum Private Investigation provides a full range of professional & discreet services in USA, Jamaica and Cayman Islands

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